The company was founded in 1989 with reconstruction and repair as its main activities. It works in this field until 1992. The company participated in the reparation and renovation of the following construction objects: Thermal Power Station “Maritsa- Iztok”, “Glass Factory” Razgrad, Thermal Power Station- Veliko Tarnovo, “Zaharni zavodi” factory- Gorna Oryahovitsa, Stadium “Ivaylo” Veliko Tarnovo (illumination towers), etc.

In 1992 “Sharkov Inkom” Ltd. changes its primary activity and orientates towards retail and wholesale mainly with building materials, instruments and hardware. The company has been working and developing in this sphere ever since.

Today “Sharkov Inkom” Ltd. has 25 000 SQM trade, production and storage areas. The annual total turnover of the company is about 20 000 tonnes of commodities. In 1996 the company established a production department in the following spheres:

      1. Metalworking with annual capacity of about 200 tonnes.

      2. Production of powder coatings with annual capacity of about 100 tonnes.

In 2000 the company is invited to join “Consortium Mega Group” and has been its full member ever since.

“Sharkov Inkom” Ltd. is partnering with well-known companies such as “ESAB Holdings” Ltd., “Berg Montana Fittings EAD, Factory for abrasive tools Berkovitsa ZAI JSC, Bulflex & Co. Ltd, Euromaster Import Export Ltd., Valerii S&M Group, Ekon 91 Ltd., Megachim Plc., Roca- Bulgaria, Lackprom Plc., Naiden Kirov JSC, Boshnakov EOOD, Sanitaplast AD Dragoevo, Wavin-Bulgaria, Obkov JSC Dalgopol, BORO Sofia, Intermetal Ltd., Bultex 99, Devorex Plc., Antares Ltd., Alkydem Sofia, Selt Ltd., Elitsa-3 EOOD, Chetprom EOOD, Inter Ceramic Sofia, Synchro Ltd., Forma Vita SA, Peštan Serbia, Mplast Ltd., Ideal Standard Ltd.,KAI Group, Kao- Tehniks Ltd., etc.